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We are bringing our BBB A+ rated Google 5-star quality tree service to more areas around St. Louis.

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What do the letter N's represent in the name N & N Tree Service?

More than 10 years ago, N & N Tree Service’s Owner, Charles, saw tree services are often too big with too much overhead and expensive or too small and inexperienced. Big companies ask customers to sign contracts with long lead times while the small companies do not have insurance to protect customers from accidents and accidental property damage or reliable modern equipment necessary to complete the work. Charles wanted to provide the area with top-quality tree service at a reasonable price and based on dozens of satisfied customer testimonials he has succeeded. So, if you want “nice” work for a “nice” price, choose N & N Tree Service!

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What can N & N Tree Service do for me?

A man using a lift truck to trim very tall trees above a garage

Tree Problems

Tree problems can be very dangerous, and the risk increases with time. People and property may be damaged when branches fall. If the branch or tree is large enough it can block your driveway without warning or even disable electricity for you and your neighbors. In extreme cases when the tree is both near an electric line and the weather has been dry for a long time a very large fire can result.
N & N Tree Service removing branches from tree

Tree Removal

Every day homeowners attempt tree removal themselves and often damage their property or their neighbors property and sometimes hurt themselves in the process. Most of the time it will cost more if you start a tree removal yourself then must hire a professional to finish it compared to hiring a professional from the beginning. You may be surprised at how little it can cost to hire the experienced professionals at N & N Tree Service.
N & N Tree Serivce doing tree removal and tree services

Very Large Tree Removal

A large tree can act as a great landmark when people are trying to look for your home, or it can also act as a great protector of your home during harsh weather conditions. As long as it’s healthy of course.
N & N Tree Service with a crew member in a bucket truck trimming a tree over a garage.

Tree Trimming

The overall shape of a healthy tree is critical to a great looking landscape. A dead limb detracts from a tree’s appearance and presents a hazard to people and property beneath it. Properly trimming a tree keeps it healthy by promoting new growth.
N & N Tree Services working to remove tree

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning requires a lot of skill and experience to know which branches to cut, where on the branch and more. If not done correctly, pruning can kill or cause more damage to the tree.
N & N Tree Service removing a large tree

Limb Deadwooding

Limb Dead-wooding is the process of getting rid of dead branches at the top of a tree that can cause a lot of damage down below.

What else does N & N Tree Service do?

Tree service is all we do. We are very passionate about what we do! Our full-time laser-sharp focus on only tree service allows us to be the best. Being the best prevents us from having to do anything else.

What will it cost?

There are many things to consider when deciding an affordable and fair cost for tree services. The location, tree size and condition, if there are buildings or other property nearby and if heavy equipment can drive close to the tree all affect the cost. It is impossible to accurately estimate tree service sight unseen. When you request a free estimate from N & N Tree Service, you will speak with the Owner of the company. Charles will answer your questions and schedule a convenient time to assess the project with you to provide you with a competitive price.

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